Schoolwide Materials

Document Library

DocumentAutomatic Step 4s and 5sExample of Automatic Step 4s and 5s used by Estrella Vista Elementary School, Littleton School District, AZ
DocumentCooperative Learning Activity MYDA cooperative learning lesson developed by Explorer Middle School, Mukilteo School District
DocumentCode of ConductDeveloped by Echo Mountain Elementary, AZ
DocumentMidyear ReviewDeveloped by Ford Middle School, WA
DocumentStaff Inservice ActivityA staff development outline that focuses on the components of MYD developed by Hillside Elementary School, WA
DocumentGuest Teacher SupportAdministrative Presentation to Classes With Guest Teachers developed by Holmes Elementary School, Spokane Public Schools, WA
DocumentKids Talking to Kids HandbookKids Talking to Kids is a group of students who provide training about MYD to new students. This is the handbook they use. Tara Koebler, Estrella Vista Elementary School, Littleton School District, AZ
DocumentMake Your Day ReviewDeveloped by Bonnie Heimstra, Larkspur Elementary School, Paradise Valley School District
DocumentMYD Theme SongSung to the tune of "Holiday" by Madonna
DocumentOpting Out FAQsPut together by Jefferson Elementary School MYD Committee in WA
DocumentPete and Repeat were in a boatA weekly staff communication that highlights pertinent components of MYD for review and addresses current concerns. It is concise and humorous. Developed by Birdville Elementary School, TX.
DocumentPlayground HintsPlayground Hints
DocumentRepeat Offenders ProgramAn approach to students who repeatedly choose Steps 4/5. Developed by Desert Horizon Elementary School, AZ.
DocumentSteps Dos and Don'tsA reminder for staff in reference to proper procedures for Steps. Developed by Explorer Middle School, WA.
DocumentPlanning Proactively to Maintain Fidelity of Implementation A planning worksheet designed to be used by schools facing changes in budgets or personnel that want to plan ahead for the upcoming school year in a way that maintains focus on program fidelity.
DocumentMYD Policies: School-Based HandbookA handbook developed by Desert Hills Middle School in Washington that outlines procedures and policies related to the implementation of MYD on their campus. Concise, clear explanations of the pertinent points.
DocumentWhole Brain Teaching and MYDWhat works with MYD and what is not a philosophical fit with MYD.
DocumentMYD Essential GuidelinesA quick quiz that can used in a group or individual setting to support the implementation of MYD with fidelity.
DocumentMYD Staff QuestionnaireA quick survey developed by Echo Mountain School, Arizona that will provide feedback to the school MYD committe in reference to the implementation of MYD at the school.
DocumentMYD Philosophy HighlightsA one-pager that describes the pertinent points in reference to MYD Philosophy. Appropriate for staff and the school community.
DocumentMYD Staff Meeting ActivitiesA variety of ideas and scenarios that can be used as a quick review of MYD implementation.
DocumentMYD - Reteaching Lesson PlansDesigned by Explorer Middle School in Washington to review/reteach the philosophy and components of MYD.
DocumentMoving Back Down Through StepsA graphic that describes the process with the correct verbiage so that everyone is on the same page.
DocumentMYD School Community SurveyA survey designed to be given to the school community to support consistent implementation throughout the school. Designed by Icicle River Middle School in Washington.
DocumentMYD Student Committee ReportAn example of a communication that a MYD Student Committee shared with the staff at the end of the year.