Tailoring MYD to Individual Needs

Document Library

DocumentModified Point ChartDescribing how to earn points through the use of Boardmaker pictures
DocumentModified MYD ProgramAn example of modifying MYD to meet a student's needs
DocumentPlanning Team MinutesA very useful format when working with a student who demonstrates a variety of unwanted behaviors
DocumentPlanning Team Minutes (Sample)An explanatory sample of how to use the Planning Team Minutes form
DocumentBehavior Modification WorksheetDeveloped by Mountain View Elementary School
DocumentBehavior Modification Worksheet for PrimaryDeveloped by Mountain View Elementary School for younger students
DocumentAlternative Point SheetDeveloped by Jolie Hess at Aire Libre Elementary School in Arizona, this is a model of a modified point sheet that can be used with younger students or students who would benefit from a more concrete representation of expectations and self-evaluation.